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Dal 2010 l’ I.C. ”Luigi Battaglia” è sede della certificazione di livello Europeo KET (Key English Test for schools) di livello A2, della prestigiosa Cambridge University. La preparazione per questa certificazione avviene a partire dal II quadrimestre ed è riservata ad alunni meritevoli delle classi terze. L’insegnamento è di tipo misto con un lettore madrelingua e l’insegnante curricolare Fabia Milanesi.


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Since 2010 the Comprehensive School “ Luigi Battaglia”  is holding the Cambridge University examination   KET (Key English test for school). The level is A2 of the European framework. The preparation for this Certificate starts in the second term and is reserved to the excellent students in forms three. The teaching is both by the mother-tongue assistant Jackie MacCormac and by the teacher of English Fabia Milanesi. This year thirty-three students have enrolled to sit the exam! This is the first time we have had pupils from form two who will take the exam! The written test will be on Thursday 15th May from 14.30 to 16.20.

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